7 Proven ways to grow your email marketing contact list

The best results from email marketing campaigns occur when you have, or indeed are building, a subscriber list of contacts that are engaged with your business and are ready to receive your communications. Simply acquiring large lists of data and sending out unsolicited (unwanted) email campaigns is unlikely to work in today’s world of ‘Permission Based Marketing’.

This Blog will look at some tips and strategies to help small businesses grow their opt-in email marketing list.

1) Send great content

To ensure sure your list is constantly growing you need to make sure your current list isn’t shrinking! By sending great email marketing content your current subscribers will stay subscribed, and are also likely to forward on your email to colleagues and friends. 

2) Turn web visitors into subscribers

If a prospect visits your site, likes your content, but is not sure if they want to go as far as ‘contacting you’ then you need another way to capture their information for future follow up. A simple ‘newsletter sign up form’ allows web visitors to opt into your future communications. 

With the Astonish Email system you can easily create a sign up form for your website, with any subscribers instantly added to your contact list within the system. 

3) Landing / Squeeze page

A landing/squeeze page is a single web page that carries some sort of offer in exchange for the visitors contact information. For example if you have an eBook or White Paper on your industry expertise you can offer this in exchange for the visitors email address. Take a look at a squeeze page we have created for our eBook - http://partner.astonishemail.com/ebook/

4) Host webinars

Webinars are a great way to show off your product/service and also to share your knowledge. In order for someone to sign up to view your webinar you can ask them to opt into your future communications by providing their email address.

5) Collate details at trade shows and when networking

Whenever you meet someone, be it at networking or a trade show, be sure to collect their details and (importantly) ask them if they would like to receive your email communications. As small business owners we are always meeting new people, so never miss an opportunity to grow your list.

6) Point of Sale 

Whether selling online or from a till do not miss the opportunity to opt a new customer into your communications by asking for their email address. An existing customer is far easier and cheaper to sell to then finding new ones.

7) Word-of-Mouth 

If your email newsletters are providing value to your contact list, they are likely to share the information they receive. Ensure you encourage your contacts to share your email messages with their contacts.

Growing your contact list should be an organic activity everyone in your business is committed too. Over time, building a large list of contacts that you can share your knowledge with will help to grow your business. For many businesses their opt-in email marketing list is the most valuable asset in their company. 

If you have any question about growing your email marketing list, or have any more tips please do share.