Best Apps for Small Businesses

None of us can live without our smart phone and/or tablets these days. Let’s face it a lot of our day to day activities are reliant upon them and I am not just talking about Angry Birds! With this in mind I thought I would share with you the apps that are currently making my working life much easier on the move. 


Surely being able to access all of your files anywhere at any time is a must for a small business owner! And for this Dropbox is the best about.


OK, maybe the obvious one! But if you are a Linkedin user and have not got the App you really should. The Home page presents all the latest shared stories and information from your contacts in a much more efficient way than the online version. 

Sprout Social

This is our social media-managing app of choice and you do need to be a paying customer of Sprout Social to use it. It is worth noting there are many free Apps which allow you to manage your social media channels too, but we don’t think they come better than Sprout Social. 

You can manage your Twitter, Facebook, Google + and Linkedin profiles from the same app as well as more sophisticated options such as communication scheduling and a unified social inbox. 


This is App is my online morning Newspaper. Now Google Reader is no more, I use to collate all the online articles I am interested in, this is a mix of blog subscriptions and RSS feeds from news source websites.

Newsify allows you to login with your Feedly account and then beautifully presents all the latest articles for you to read through in a Newspaper format. Best of all you can easily social share any articles, save for future reading or email. 

Cloud On

This is the productive App when on the go. Connecting to your Dropbox (or a whole range of other cloud file storage) Cloud On lets you open and edit Microsoft Office files from Word to Excel. Best of all there are great collaboration options so you can highlight and add notes on documents to send around to a team. 

These really are only a few of the thousands of apps out there which can help the day to day running of a Small Business. We would love to hear from you on the Apps you use for your business that you simply couldn’t do without!