Campaign Reporting: The hidden gem of email marketing

As a small business owner you have a whole host of potential marketing activities to test and explore. However it can often be hard to evaluate and compare how these activities are performing other than monitoring the return on investment (ROI) they create.

For this reason the ‘real time’ reporting that can be accessed with Email Marketing can be so valuable. On top of the high ROI email marketing delivers you can also instantly view key performance indicators on all the campaigns you send.

Lets take a closer look at the key reporting statistics you can view:

Open Rates
‘The % of total recipients who open/view your email’

Open rates are used by many to judge the success of the email campaigns they have sent; although they do act as a useful guide they are totally accurate. ‘Opens’ can only be tracked if the recipients email settings are set to download the images in your campaign (or they decide to download them).

Key things to track with your open rates

- Over time open rates should increase, as your contacts get familiar with your emails.
- Great content over time will lead to higher open rates.
- Open rates are a key indicator of how your ‘pre open’ copy (from name and subject line) is performing. 

*Within Astonish Email you are also able to see which of your contacts opened or didn’t open your email; useful information to see who is engaging with your content. 

Click Through Rate (CTR)
‘The % of people who open your email that click on a link to visit a page on your website’

Your CTR is the most important statistic to track, as it’s the best indicator to monitor the engagement your contacts have with your content. 

Rather than simply opening your emails, a click through is a true indication that your contact is interested in the content you have sent and that they have taken a positive action to find out more. 

*Within Astonish Email you are able to see which links in your email gain the most clicks and also see which contacts clicked on the individual links. 

‘An email that was unable to be delivered to your contact’

Not a positive statistic but one that is important to monitor. A bounce is most likely to be due to the email address not being correct or that it is now not in use. 

*Astonish Email will help you to keep your list clean by deleting any email address that bounces 3 times in a row.

‘Contacts who opt to no longer receive your email communications’

Every email campaign you send has to, by law, include a link for the recipient to unsubscribe from your future communications. It is perfectly normal to receive unsubscribes, however it is important to monitor them. A high or increased unsubscribe rate indicates that the content you are sending is not suited or quality enough to the contacts it is being sent to.

I hope this blog has given you some insight into the hidden value of the reports available from email marketing. In my next blog I will look to provide some advice on how you can improve all of the reporting indicators within email marketing reporting.