Email Marketing - The power of your ‘Pre’ open copy

In order to maximize the success of email marketing campaigns, it is important to put in considerable thought and time into the copy. This blog will try and put across some of the key things we believe you should consider when creating copy for Email Marketing campaigns.

Firstly its important to point out you don’t have to be a professional copywriter to produce winning content for your email campaigns, using simple techniques explained below will help you achieve Astonishing results.

The ‘Pre’ Open Copy

This is the copy your contacts will see prior to actually opening your campaign, and could be the barrier between your email being read or deleted.

From Name

The ‘From’ name you use, is the name your contact will see the message is from within their email client (e.g. Outlook). Your ‘From’ name you use should be the name your contacts are most likely to recognize, is this your name? A colleague name? Or even your business name?

Subject Line

The key to writing a successful subject line is to ensure it fits into your contacts inbox. Look at the last 20 emails you have received, you will notice the ones you have received from close contacts is likely to be between 2 – 4 words, something snappy like ‘Yesterdays Meeting’ or ‘Beer on Friday?’. In comparison look at your junk email folder, you will notice the emails here will have much longer subject lines.

With this in mind try and make your subject line short and concise, this will fit into your contacts inbox and not look like a ‘junk’ email.

Make the subject line relevant

Make sure the message you use in your subject line is relevant to the content of your email. Contacts don’t like being conned, so it’s essential that you don’t mislead them in the subject line. If your subject line is ‘Save money next month’, then make sure you live up to that promise in your email.

Don’t sell it in the subject

No one likes to feel like they are being sold to, even if they are. Let your email content do the selling. The amount of emails we receive stating ‘90% off all products today’, or ‘Buy one get 7 free’ is increasing, and quite honestly contacts generally ignore them. If you have a good sales offer, have a catchy subject line, and then be clear in your email about the offer you are proposing.

Don’t use Capitals or ! $ £ % ....

Symbols do not look professional within email subject lines. However more importantly they are picked up by Spam filters as being junk. So if you don’t use them you are massively increasing your chance of having your email read.

Test, Test, Test

Once you start your email campaigns play around with a few different subject lines and track each of their successes. High open rates equals a certain subject line is working. Keep tracking over time to establish the best subject lines for your contacts.