Happy days! Introducing fun and frolics to your email marketing

So what’s the number one priority for your campaigns? Professional looking emails, full of well-worded, relevant content with striking images, all delivered at the optimum time of day to appropriate individuals who have actively signed up?  What happens when all these elements are present and correct but there’s still something missing?

Perhaps your campaigns are lacking a little personality. With people likely to be receiving hundreds of emails every day, your communications must stand out, strike a chord and be memorable. In a perfect world, you’ll have your contacts looking forward to the next one too!

So how can you achieve it? 

Here’s a selection of ideas to pep up your promotions and invigorate those emails with a spot of good old-fashioned fun!

Set the tone from the start – Get your email started with a light-hearted tone, use a conversational, chatty style and put the emphasis on entertaining. Including some common phrases that you use in everyday speech will help to keep it creative and avoid the corporate jargon.

Get inventive with your images – Try some free, online editing tools like PicMonkey, hours of fun with surprisingly smart results! And a brilliant solution to the temptation of using images you’ve Googled – generally best avoided!

Quote funny folk – Think of your favourite TV personality, radio DJ or comedian. Try to include some entertaining quotations, making sure you keep it relevant.

Create a theme for your campaigns – Sporting events, music festivals or film releases. You could even spread your wings and go international!

Support the lighthearted National Awareness Days/Weeks - Throughout the year there’s a whole host to cover off – we’ve already seen Farmhouse Breakfast Week, National Storytelling Week and National Chip Week and we’re only halfway through February!

Invite your readers to join in with a fun competition - Perhaps a bake-off, costume contest, or games tournament. Those who get involved could have their pictures published in your next newsletter and winning entries could receive discounted or free services.

Question time – interview an employee or manager from your organisation. Keep it up beat and entertaining, allowing your readers to get to know your team a little better.

Match the mug shots - Publish those embarrassing childhood snaps along with present day pics. Let your readers match them up!

Trying out some of our creative ideas is likely to enhance engagement with your contacts and improve effectiveness. Get it right and your open rates will rise as readers will begin to enjoy receiving and sharing your emails. Be bold and enjoy!