How to use Images in Email Marketing

Whether you already have active email marketing campaigns or it’s something you’re just starting out with, there are a few things you need to think about with the use of images in campaigns. Why? Well, for one thing images can dominate an email and lose the core message; additionally, images can actually cause emails to hit the spam folders rather than the inbox. So let’s look at the things you should avoid when crafting email campaigns, and find out why.

Don’t hide your call to action links in images

The call to action, or CTA, is the main point of interest for you in any email campaign – it’s where you want your reader to click. For this reason, it’s vital that you make it as easy to spot as possible, and don’t hide it within an image where it could get lost. Remember: most web users are trained to click on a blue hyperlink whenever they see one. Use this to your advantage by always using this type of link. You’ll find the click through rate really benefits.

Never go 100% image-based

Pictures and images do have a place in email marketing; they’re great for conveying brand identity and some more abstract ideas. But if you forego text completely you could be missing a big chunk of the market. The reason for this is that there are many spam filters in email clients that actually disable images altogether. In such a case your email would arrive and the reader would actually see nothing at all – that’s not where you want your email campaign to be.

Keep the size down

Images can get big, fast. In fact, sometimes you may add some to an email without even checking the size first. Remember that your readers will be on all kinds of connections, some fast, some slow. For this reason you should optimise any images that you include in your email marketing. There are many ways to compress a JPG or PNG so that they still look great, but don’t eat bandwidth or take minutes to load. The faster your email is presented to the reader, the better!

Limit images to a certain part of the page

There are some email campaign marketers out there who will actually only use images in the top 25% of the email – as a header – and let the words do the rest of the talking. This tactic can be effective for a number of reasons, most importantly being the fact that it balances the email well. For those on slow connections or who have images disabled by default, there’ll still be plenty of content to read and the message will still be delivered.

Don’t forget: images can be fantastic addition your email campaign, provided they don’t dominate it. As with anything else in life, moderation is all-important.