Increase your ‘open rates’ for Email Marketing success

The volume of emails delivered to your contacts inbox is growing, creating a battle to ensure your email campaigns are opened and then read. It’s important before looking at how to improve your open rate, to consider our 2 golden rules of successful email marketing.

A good contact list – In order to receive high open rates, your email campaigns should be sent to contact lists that want to receive your communications and have opted in to receive them. 

Great content – Contacts want to receive emails packed full of valuable content. Stay clear of selling directly and you will find your open rates will organically increase.

If you achieve these 2 main points above you will increase your open rates, however let me share some more little tips with you - 

Tuesdays and Wednesdays for B2B campaigns
Our research has demonstrated that you’ll get a higher response to your email marketing campaigns on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. When you think about this, it makes sense. On Mondays, people are trying to get back on track from the weekend, and on Fridays, people are trying to wrap things up before they take off for the weekend. However this is also dependent on your targets, so testing is the key to find the ideal time for your messages to be sent.

Mornings are best
Send your marketing emails in the morning so your contacts have time to read them during their breaks or lunch hour. However don’t send to early! Mid-morning is best – first thing in the morning your prospects will be clearing out messages from the night before, and more importantly drinking coffee and talking about last night’s soaps!

Stop selling and start providing valuable information
Many companies don’t believe email marketing works. Why? Because all they do is send out sales messages. Provide your prospects with useful information they can actually use that is linked to your business and proves your expertise.

Short and sweet
These days, people have information overload. Keep your email short and to the point, including well-marked working hyperlinks so they can visit your web site to find out more.

Watch your frequency
You have to strike a balance between keeping your business in front of potential customers, and turning them off because they start thinking of your email as spam. Everyone’s list is different, and you need to find the perfect balance when considering frequency.

Do you have any tips on ensuring your email campaigns are being read? Would love to hear your thoughts.