Plan and deliver! Developing a strategy for your email marketing

Email Marketing is an integral part of a small businesses marketing activity, helping to build valuable relationships to gain and retain more customers. However, so many small businesses start to send email campaigns without forming a clear strategy, and simply send ‘one off’ communications expecting instant results.

This blog will help you to start developing a strategy for your email marketing.

Developing your strategy

Many email marketing campaigns fail before they begin due to a lack of planning and/or strategic thinking. Ask yourself some valuable questions from the beginning –

- Whom are you targeting? 
- What is your key message (USP)? 
- How many emails are you going to send? 
- How frequently are you going to send them? 

What are you looking to achieve?

It is also important to understand what you would like to achieve with your email marketing campaigns. Common goals Astonish Email customers look to achieve are – 

- Increased sales leads or conversions. 

- Enhanced customer relations through regular communications (e.g.. –Newsletters) driving customer retention. 

- Differentiation from competitors by sending expert advice to contacts, which can be applied to their business. 

- Driving traffic to websites. 

Being clear about why you are sending email marketing campaigns will help you to create relevant content and call to actions.

Understand your mailing list

Look to see if there are ways you can split your data into groups to help target segments with content that is more likely to appeal to them. There are any number of ways to segment data, from gender and age through to type of business and size of turnover. 

It is proven that email marketing campaigns sent with relevant content to segmented contacts will achieve higher results. 

Brand Consistency 

How do you want your emails to appear? It is important that every email you send carries a consistent theme. It is advisable that this theme matches colours and logos used on your website. 

Contacts feel more comfortable opening email campaigns they recognise, so it’s also important to be consistent with your design. 

In short any small business can achieve great things with email marketing, as long as you plan your message and define what you want to achieve. If you are curious about the results you could achieve through email marketing, why not try Astonish Email for free by clicking here.