Start blogging to create content for your email marketing

One of the biggest barriers stopping small businesses getting started with email marketing is content creation. This is where blogging can help to get you started. Creating valuable blog content around your product or service can also be used and shared in your email marketing. So we have put together some of our top tips for getting started with blogging.

If you are unsure what a blog is click here are some definitions. 

Blogging has become one of the most important marketing activities for Small Businesses, allowing you to share your expertise to attract new readers and potential customers. Here are our top tips for creating a successful blog. 

Make sure your blog is part of your website
There are a whole host of blogging websites out there which allow you to quickly set up and start blogging. This might be a good start however, if you are serious about blogging for business it is always best to have your blog as part of your existing website.
Firstly it means any visitor is only a click away from any other page on your site, allowing them to find out more about your products and services. Secondly search engines love all the fresh and relevant content you will post in your blog, which will help your website climb up the search engines.
Define your goals and understand your audience
It is important that your blog has a purpose. The Internet is overloaded with content, 99% of which will never get found. Plan out what you want your blog to achieve; is it to drive traffic to your site? Do you want to become an industry expert? Is it purely for business promotion? Once you understand why you are blogging, write and market your blog to achieve those goals.
Also as with any marketing activity it’s important to understand your audience, who is it you want to read your blogs? Your blog doesn’t have to attract everyone on the web, once you know your audience, ensure you write in a way that will appeal to them.
Love your subject and offer value
Make sure you love the subjects you write about - your passion will show.
It’s also essential to offer value, sharing knowledge tips and ideas, it is the key to a well received blog post. If your content isn’t valuable it won’t be read, however great content will be read, and most likely shared, in turn growing your potential audience.

Be consistent and keep it regular
Once you commit to blogging its important you remain consistent with your posting. This does not mean you need to blog every day, its best to identify at the start how often you can commit to writing a blog, and then keep consistent with that time gap. For some businesses this may be daily for others it could be monthly, so pick a time scale and stick to it.

Promote with Social Media
Social media is a fantastic way of promoting and distributing your blogs. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn…. They all allow you to post your blogs, in turn distributing it to all of your followers. If your followers like and share your post it is then visible to of all of their followers, if they like your post…. so on so on….

Integrate your blog with Email Marketing
So, If you are regularly creating blog posts, then you are creating content that can be used in your email marketing communications!

Whether you already blog or are looking to start, I hope that the above blogging tips help you to gain success with your blog. I believe that a blog that is regularly updated with useful content is one of the most powerful marketing tools available for small businesses today.