The fastest route to email marketing magic

In many respects, your introduction to email marketing can be just like any other new venture. Getting started is often the biggest hurdle. So to begin with, we’d like to set the record straight with a newsflash! You don’t need to be a marketing whizz to send successful, professional emails to your contacts. And you don’t need to set aside a shedload of time every week to get it done! There are stacks of effective, time-saving tips you can implement to make email marketing an integral part of your everyday business development, simply and easily. Here are 5 to get you started:

Build up your lists

However small to start, you need a list of contacts to send your emails to. Bear in mind that your contacts should choose to opt-in, rather than creating a random selection of people who won’t be expecting to hear from you. Consider creating separate groups; existing contacts, people you’ve met at networking events or prospects who have enquired but aren’t yet customers. Add an email sign-up form to your website to capture the email addresses of browsers. Once you’ve defined some categories you can easily tailor the messages according to different audiences.

Choose the right tool for the job

As creators of email marketing software, our priority has always been to provide a simple tool, designed for small businesses to keep in touch with their customers and build relationships with their contacts, regardless of their technical ability. Standard features should include easy ways to import your contacts’ details and straightforward reporting tools to analyse the success of your campaigns. So consider your priorities when it comes to choosing the right system. 

Create a consistent style

It’s important that you begin to develop a well recognised, branded strategy rather than a haphazard, disorganised series of emails. Consider the little things - it’s amazing how the use of consistent colour and fonts can make a big impact. The aim is to reach the stage where your contacts will instantly recognise your emails, eagerly anticipating the next one! 

Plan ahead

What do you need to achieve as a result of your email marketing campaigns? What do your customers really want to know? And what are the key messages you’d like to share? Will it be a series of emails introducing new products and services? A regular newsletter informing your customers about special offers and promotions or simply an update on how you’re continuing to improve the way you do things for the benefit of your customers? Work out a strategy from the start in order to maintain consistency, develop credibility and demonstrate a well run, highly organised business.

Monitor your results

Once you’ve chosen an email marketing tool that provides clear reporting, ensure that you make the most of it! Be realistic about the number of opens to expect and aim to increase these over time. Keep an eye on the links that attract the most interest and aim for interaction from your contacts in the long-term.

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