The Power of Split Testing in Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great tool for any business, but knowing how to maximise your campaigns for success using split testing can make a world of difference when it comes to getting the best results. 

The basic idea of a split test is to identify which form of email marketing is going to be the most successful approach when it comes to generating clicks. The way a split test works is by segmenting your recipients into two categories, A and B. Different variables are then applied to these groups respectively. Group A for example, might receive your marketing mails with a different subject line, with a discount offer, while group B will receive a free delivery option. Of course, testing is not limited to these variables. There are numerous areas that can be adjusted such as email design, wording, and so on, these variables can then be assessed in terms of their effectiveness.

Making Split Testing Work for your Business

While the process of split testing is in itself very useful, having the right approach will ensure you get better, more accurate results, which in turn will lead to more successful email marketing campaigns. Firstly, you need clear, defined goals. Additionally, planning your testing over the long term is a good idea. There will often be a number of variables that could prove successful for a marketing campaign, so making sure you stagger your testing over time will give you better and clearer results to work with. You can also then implement the best results as you test.

It is also important to keep split testing to a fairly limited and small scale. While long term testing can be important, this can be done in a narrow focus. Think carefully about what your goals are and the variables that are most likely to affect these goals positively. Product images for example, or special offers might be a good choice, so try testing these right away by implementing them into a test segmentation.

Making sure you are thorough about your results when split testing is also key. Don’t simply assume for example, that because a product image in group A gained favourable results for one test, that this approach will always work moving forward. One of the keys to any email marketing campaign will be the ability to constantly adapt and grab your subscriber’s attention in new ways. 

Finally, be methodical: The real trick is ensuring that you have a large enough test group to bring in significant results, but at the same time keep your goals clear, focused, and begin testing areas that you think are the most viable first.