Use Email Marketing to turn web hits into loyal customers

So much online marketing time and budget is spent on firstly making your website look beautiful, and secondly getting visitors to it. However do you regularly check how many of your web hits actually turn into business? Many experts tell us that as little as 1% of your website visitor’s turn into customers, while the other 99% have a peep, admire your beautiful and expensive site and never return.

If you’re not retailing online, it is now  more important to aim the focus of your website to capturing your visitors contact details rather than making an instant sale (which is highly unlikely). Contact forms, newsletter signup’s and downloadable free reports all provide chances to capture the details of your highly expensive web visitors.

Once you have captured your visitor’s details you can then start building the relationship that will hopefully lead them to becoming a customer.

Through email marketing, you can develop relationships with your website visitors, as well as establish your legitimacy and trustworthiness in your market.

Wondering what to send in your emails? The following are just a few ideas:

Newsletters: If you are an expert in your market, share this with your contacts – prospects want to deal with experts and also like to receive free advice.

Discount Coupons: When you include a discount coupon as part of your email marketing, you are encouraging them to buy, without actually asking for the sale.

Announce Exciting News: If your business has some exciting news, share it with the people who have shown an interest in your site.

Personal Touch: Ensure you transmit the personality of your business, formal and boring copy is unlikely to catch your prospect attention.

Capturing information from websites and using follow up techniques to build relationships will have an astonishing affect on the volume of web hits you can convert into business.

For more information, or for help to start collating prospect information from your website, contact us today.