Using Email Newsletters to Help Your Business Grow and Prosper

Time management proving troublesome? Multi-tasking in a muddle? Communication becoming an uncontrollable challenge? It’s likely that running a small business depletes your day, leaving little time for marketing – or anything else for that matter! Of course, we know that maintaining contact with your target audience is essential for growth. However, it seems there is one almost universal issue, once a new contact is made, or a customer is gained, communication can often cease.

It is unrealistic to expect any small business owner to be able to personally communicate with all their contacts regularly. The likelihood is that we may maintain connections with our core client base, leaving all the others to drift away. This is where email newsletters help to bridge the ‘communication gap’, quick and cost-effective, they allow you to manage your connections, keeping in touch with large numbers of contacts regularly, strengthening long lasting, valuable relationships.

Save Time

The crucial factor for all small business owners. So you have to create the content for your newsletters, but if you’re already blogging and using social media, much of this content will be already created. You may be able to call upon individuals within your team or colleagues who are keen to help too. Keep it brief and snappy, with a template in place and your copy at the ready, newsletters can be set up in minutes and emailed to your audience, allowing you to cultivate long lasting relationships with your clients and prospects.

No need to be a techie

Many small business owners may feel that creating an email marketing newsletter is beyond their skill set. In reality, new software products on the market are making it easier than ever for non-techies to create and send simple, yet highly professional newsletters.

Astonishing ROI

There are very few marketing techniques that allow communication with large numbers of contacts on an affordable level. This of course means that the potential return on investment in your email marketing campaign is equally high.

Track the results

Technology allows you to track the results of your email campaign effectively and in real-time, unlike most other marketing methods. Monitoring who opened your email and which links they clicked on is hugely valuable. Firstly you can determine whether particular prospects are engaging with your content and secondly you can measure exactly what type of content is proving to be of value to your readers.

So, if regular communication with your clients and prospects is a challenge for your business, why not try creating and sending a weekly or monthly email newsletter? By providing sincere value over time, the relationships you build will result in gaining and retaining more customers, providing new opportunities to grow and prosper.

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