Email marketing options designed
specifically for your copywriting clients

An opportunity to be different. Stand out from your competitors, offering fully managed, professional email marketing facilities, enhancing the value of the service you provide and increasing your income at the same time.

We understand that the role of a copywriter is a complex and multi-skilled one. When it comes to content marketing, you’ll appreciate the importance of quality, consistency and professionalism in all that you create. Passing on these expertise is second nature!

Astonish Email allows you to easily add value to the services you offer to your copywriting clients, whilst increasing your income with an additional recurring revenue stream. Create and send regular managed email marketing campaigns on behalf of your clients. Guarantee quality and standardisation from the very beginning – from straightforward management of contacts to the all-important analytics once your client’s emails have been shared. We'll even talk you through how to do it!

Offer more value to your clients

You create great content for your customers; now use Astonish Email to send out email newsletters as an add-on product, saving your clients time and increasing their bottom line.

Create a new revenue stream

As a copywriting partner of Astonish you will be able to resell our email marketing product at our standard, published rates. With a high resale value, you could be making a generous margin whilst still enhancing the services you offer to your clients. 

Join our copywriter network and gain new business

You will be listed by Astonish as a recommended supplier to our client base. A constant stream of new business requiring support with their email marketing content.

Compare your clients results

With your master account you can view and compare all of your clients reports together, a real-time insight into each campaign. See which methods are working best and develop your strategies based on the success rates.

A simple process designed for ease of use

Simply choose the most suitable plan based on the total number of emails you'll be writing and sending each month, managing the whole process from one master account.

Fancy a chat and online demo to see more?

Make every email outstanding by taking advantage of our free demo service. When you sign up to Astonish, one of the team will arrange a 30 minute Skype or telephone session where we'll talk you through getting the very best from the system. Click here to request.

I’ve been using Astonish Email to create my newsletters for several months after having signed up for the free trial. The stand out feature is the ease of use – a straightforward system without the need for in-depth technical knowledge. Time saving is really key too. I can create an email, send a test and have it scheduled within about 10 minutes, absolutely vital for me. All topped off with a quirky, animated style that I love!
— Caroline Roodhouse: Owner, The Word Bird