Email marketing for your franchise network


Allow your franchisees to flourish, growing and developing their business whilst maintaining complete control of your brand.

We’ve designed and developed an exclusive service, specifically for those operating in the franchise industry to be able to grow relationships and engage effectively with their target market through email marketing. With franchising spanning so many industries, we’ve ensured our service is perfect for each and every one. Here’s why you’ll love it: 

Benefits to franchisors

Control your branding, ensure consistency and guarantee professionalism

Wonky logos, odd imagery and mismatched fonts are a thing of the past. Create, populate and lock-down professional looking templates, sticking to brand guidelines and eradicating the risk of poor quality communications throughout your network.

Unique franchisor dashboard allows you to monitor results and maintain control

With your master login you can keep track of marketing activity amongst your franchisees, monitoring the results achieved using our sophisticated tracking system and discovering which messages works best for your business.

Delight franchisees by proving a simple, business building tool

Very few franchisors offer a simple and easy marketing solution that puts them ahead of the competition. You can be confident you’re providing valuable and easy-to-use services, to help attract new franchisees and keep existing ones delighted.

Boost sales by creating targeted content

You may have products and services available direct or an online store. Astonish allows you to promote these services to the entire database, ensuring that no element of the business is neglected.


Provide regular marketing messages to be used throughout your network

Astonish offers an invaluable opportunity to share key brand messages with end users, enhancing the services offered by your franchisees and reinforcing the power of your brand.

Flexible systems and payment options to integrate into your franchise network

Payment options allow choice and flexibility, putting you in control. Provide Astonish as standard to your franchisees or leave them to decide for themselves, individually paying direct.

Our team will always be on hand to provide valuable support to your network

An unrivalled email marketing support system. Based in the UK, we promise a speedy resolution to any support issues. We reply within 2 hours to all requests for help made between 8am to 8pm. 

A whole host of useful, free resources allowing you to stay ahead of the game

Our in-house experts are always busy working on the latest tips and tricks required for you and your franchisees and will work with you to create successful email marketing campaigns.

For me Astonish Email is a really powerful way for my franchisees to connect with their customers while I have the piece of mind our brand is being protected.
— Tommy Gentleman, Owner Reasons Fitness

Benefits to your franchisees

Provide a tool for franchisees to market themselves better and grow their business

Franchisees can confidently create and send professional, pre-set marketing communications to their contacts, safe in the knowledge that guidelines are followed and brand reputation is upheld.

Franchisees can personalise their communications by adding in their content

Flexibility for franchisees to use the content you create and also add in their own personalized information, maintaining the ability to create their own marketing messages.

It doesn't take Rocket Science to create amazing email communications

Straightforward systems enable franchisees to copy & paste in contact details and populate newsletters with ease. Techno-phobes pick it up in no time!

Easily add links through to social media accounts to keep the communications going

Social media savvy franchisees can include links to their favourite networks, enhancing their online presence and spreading the message further.

Who are we?

We’re Astonish Email and we created our email marketing tool to get your franchise business talking.

Designed by marketing experts, the system is astonishingly affordable, consistently generating a high level of return on investment for your business.

Our team is proud to be 100% UK based, enabling us to provide an outstanding level of service to every one of our customers.


Would you like to find out more?

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