Social Media

Astonish Guest Blog: Social Media - From Empowerment To Destruction In The Click Of A Button

We are massive advocates of social media at Astonish, however we are also well aware of the risks involved for small businesses. This months guest blog is from Michelle Duckworth, Managing Partner of DBB Solicitors. The blog gives a fantastic insight into the possible legal implications behind your social media strategy.

Social media presents real commercial opportunities if harnessed effectively.  After all, it forms part of everyday working practices, offering professional and personal benefits. It can engage clients, advertise and profile your company, provide feedback, facilitate networking and allow you to post comments and share experiences. Social media knows no geographical barriers, facilitating global access to your business.

Setting up a Facebook Page for your Business

Social media for businesses has become one of the most important platforms for both engaging customers and promoting brands. Facebook in particular, with a projected user base of around 665 million, has become one of the more fundamental platforms to have a presence on. However, simply creating a page for your business does not guarantee success, and if not approached correctly can end up being a costly drain on time and resources, especially for smaller businesses who may not have the workforce to waste. In order to maximise the marketing opportunities that a Facebook page can provide, there are some useful guidelines to consider when getting started.