5 Festive Tips for Successful Email Marketing this Christmas

It's that time of year again! As a small business owner Christmas can be a frantic time of the year, but one that presents unique business opportunities. Whether you are a retailer attempting to make the most of the Christmas spend, a restaurant targeting the party season or an accountancy wanting to engage in the festive spirit, email marketing can be an integral part of your communications.  

So being the nice guys we are, we thought we would take some time out to give you our 5 tops tips for successful email marketing this Christmas.

1 – Timing

It’s important to have a look at your calendar and think about the best days and times for your emails to be delivered. 

Try and ensure you miss the potential ‘days off’ or ‘party lunch afternoons’, and deliver your message when your contacts are most likely have the time to read and engage. 

2 – Embrace the season

It’s the season to be jolly, so ensure your copy and images carry a Christmas theme. This is the time to drop your professional guard and add a little personality into your communications.

3 – Don’t over do it

Although Christmas is a great reason to get in touch with your contacts don’t start sending more communications then you would normally. 

Customers get used to your communication patterns, a sudden more aggressive strategy can irritate contacts and may lead them to un-subscribe from all future communications.

4 – Key Focus

Ensure your message is clear and has focus. During the build up to Christmas contacts are exposed to an incredible amount of adverts and offers, so ensure yours is attractive and easy to understand.

5 - Results

Remember, it’s important to communicate on a personal level with contacts, however there needs to be an aim to your message. Simply wishing your contacts ‘Merry Christmas’ is not going to help build strong relationships and is a missed opportunity to provide value. 

Make sure calls to actions are clear. Try and direct contacts onto your website and order pages. A well thought out Christmas email campaign can deliver Astonishing results.

Good luck with your Christmas email marketing, if you have any questions just let us know!