Astonish Email Launches Brand New Marketing Product For the Franchise Market

Astonish Email has announced the launch of a new email marketing tool, designed specifically for franchise businesses to market their products and services without the risk of damaging their brand identity.

Adam Lovelock, Co-founder at Astonish Email comments, ‘We have many franchisees using our system to keep in touch with their contacts, building valuable relationships and creating more opportunities for business. However in many cases, when it comes to the franchise industry, the lack of control over brand consistency has become a major issue. In fact, a number of franchisors have been forced to ban their franchisees from sending email marketing campaigns altogether, due to the risks involved. We decided it was time to solve the problem.’

Astonish Email has launched an email marketing tool which allows franchisors to create a master email template for franchisees to use. The template allows franchisors to control every element of their branding, from key messages and correct use of their logo, to corporate font, colour and design. It also enables franchisors to prepare targeted content within the system for franchisees to include in their campaigns, helping them to offer invaluable marketing support to their network.

Tommy Gentleman, CEO of Reasons Fitness comments, “We’re really excited about the introduction of Astonish’s new franchise tool. Having been using their simple system for some time already, I’m sure that all our franchisees will be able to create and send marketing emails to our customers and prospects, regardless of their technical ability. And I’m now confident that every one of those emails will carry the correct branding and key messages, a vital element of our overall growth strategy.”

Adam concludes, ‘We did a huge amount of research into what our customers needed and we’ve addressed the issues that they raised. We’ve created a product that supports brand consistency whilst allowing franchisees the ability to market their businesses freely. Franchisors can view the reports once campaigns have been sent, working alongside their franchisees to analyse the figures and fine-tune the messages that receive the best response. Crucially, we have set the pricing realistically, so we’re confident that we’re offering a valuable product that’s simple, effective and accessible to every franchise business looking to communicate with their contacts through easy email marketing.“

More information on the product can be found be clicking here. 

About Astonish Email

Astonish Email is a cloud-based email marketing system, created by marketing experts, Adam Knight and Adam Lovelock, designed specifically for ambitious small businesses. Through email marketing, Astonish help business owners build relationships with customers and prospects, quickly and simply.