Email Marketing Benchmark Statistics – Summer 2013

When looking at the reporting area of Astonish Email I am sure you may wonder how your email marketing campaigns compare to other small businesses? What is a good open rate? Do I receive a high number of un-subscribers? Well to give you a good benchmark of how you are getting on I have complied our overall customer reports based on the millions of emails that have gone out through Astonish Email this summer (June, July, August).

Open Rates – (Percentage of emails delivered which were opened)

Overall Average - 24.6%

When looking at an open rate it is important to understand the figure can never be 100% accurate. We can only record an open when a contact downloads images in your email. So if incoming emails are set to not download images, or they only preview the text in your email without downloading images it will not record as an open.

We also looked into the difference in open rates between those sending content based emails and those sending announcement / sales based emails.

Content Based (Newsletters)          -      30.3%

Announcement / Sales Based          -      17.8%

Content based emails are always likely to receive a higher number of opens due to the message being of value to the contact.

Tip to improve Open Rates

Concentrate on the pre-open copy on your email campaigns. The From Name and Subject Line will be the first part of your communication that your contact will see, and will be the difference between your email being read or not. Check out our blog ‘The Power of your Pre Open Copy’ by clicking here. 

Click Through Rate – (Percentage of opened emails where a contact goes on to click a hyper-link e.g through to a website)

Overall Average - 15.2%

Again we also looked at the difference between Content Based and Announcement / Sales based emails.

Content Based (Newsletters)         -     12.6%

Announcement / Sales Based         -     18.0%

As expected announcement based emails, although receiving a lower open rate have a higher click through rate. This is in direct relation to the nature of the communication, which is likely to promote a response from the contact to click through for more information on a product or service.

Tip to improve Click Through Rates

Email Marketing success can often rely on contacts clicking a link from your email to your website. Make sure you have a wide range of links on your email campaigns to different areas of your website as well as to your social media profiles.

Un-subscribe Rate

None of us like to see people un-subscribe from our email marketing campaigns, however why would we want to communicate with someone not interested in what we have to say?

Overall Average - 0.21%

Un-subscribe rates remain low, and the difference between content based and announcement / sales based is negligible. What we do find is over time for customers experience a reduced un-subscribe rate if their messages are consistently content based.