How Email Marketing has become Liveport UK's key marketing strategy

This months Astonish Email success story is Joe Burnell from Liveport ( Liveport UK provides hotels with guest wireless Internet services and was launched by Joe in November 2012.

In the early stages of the business Joe believed it was important to keep in regular contact with all of the hotels he was meeting. Joe used Astonish Email to ensure at least once a month he was sending communications to explain the benefits of his product and the value it could provide Hotels.

This regular communication has helped Joe to convert many prospect opportunities, proving the value of Email Marketing with Astonish Email.

Here is what Joe had to say about Astonish Email:

“We launched Liveport in the UK in November 2012 and we simply wouldn't have had the success we've had to date without using Astonish Email.

The system is very simple to use, emails are quick to create, and the return on investment we have gained is extremely high. We originally saw e-mail marketing as quite far down the marketing priority list but now I would class it as our must successful and cost effective form of marketing.”