Email marketing still offers the most BANG for your buck!

For yet another year, email marketing has remained the best online channel for providing return on investment. In fact, latest research from eConsultancy’s Email Marketing Industry Census shows revenue has increased by 28% in the last year - Wow!

Over the past 5 years many have claimed that the effectiveness of email marketing would fall with the rise of social media and other online marketing channels. However, email marketing is still happening, still working and still providing incredible levels of ROI for small businesses. 

Here are some more compelling statistics from eConsultancy’s research:

  • 68% of companies rated email marketing ‘good’ or ‘excellent’ for ROI
  • On average, companies attributed 23% of their total sales to email marketing (up from 18% in 2013)
  • Companies are spending just 16% of their marketing budget on email, demonstrating its incredible value against other channels

Adam Lovelock from Astonish Email comments, “The research shows that not only is email marketing performing better for small businesses than any other online activity, its effectiveness is actually growing. We truly believe that any small business can see huge benefits from email marketing, it’s the most effective way of keeping in regular contact with customers which undoubtedly leads to an increase in enquires and sales.”

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