How to grow your business with Email Marketing in 2015

Email marketing continued to grow in popularity with small businesses in 2014 as a method in keeping in contact with customers and prospects; we take a look at how you can maximise the opportunity in 2015.

We were in the lucky position last year to see millions of emails sent through our system, and we are happy to share the unique insight we gained with you. So here are our 6 top tips for successful email marketing in 2015.


1. Provide value

The very best email marketers understand that providing value to your contacts is the best way to succeed.

Losing the ‘sell sell sell’ communications and replacing them with valuable content, information and news, will help you to build valuable relationships which will in time take a prospect through to being a paying customer.


2. Make mobile a priority

The number of your contacts viewing emails on their mobile devices is still increasing. According to Litmus 51% of all emails are being viewed on mobile devices (including tablets).

So what does this mean to you? Well it is more important then ever to ensure your emails are fully responsive, meaning they can be viewed on any device.

At Astonish Email we ensure that every email that you send from our system is fully responsive, so you have the peace of mind your contacts will view your email campaign successfully, on any device, wherever they are!


3. Segment and Personalise

We are of the belief that it’s better to get one message out to all of your contacts regularly, rather than no message at all. However the more you can segment and personalise your messages the more success you will achieve.


Try and think of ways to split your database up into smaller more relevant groups, maybe by such variables as, customers/prospects, gender, location, industry etc.


Once you have segmented your database you then send targeted content to each group, increasing the chances of your message being of real interest and inspiring an action.


4. Think ‘Subject Lines’

Without doubt one of the most important elements for your email campaigns is your subject line. The amount of emails your contacts receive will only increase in 2015, so your email ‘subject line’ is likely to be the key to your email being opened.

The aim is to keep it short and snappy and in a very simple way explain what is in the content of your email.


5. Understand your contacts

The more you understand your contacts and their behaviours the greater success you can get from your email campaigns. With more traffic to your contacts inbox its important you can deliver your email at a time they are most likely able to open and digest the content.

Think about your list; think about the kind of contacts you are targeting, the products and content you are sharing. When do you think its best to send your message?

Obviously there is certain logic to apply; such as B2B emails should be sent during the working week. But the truth is your list is unique so testing is the only way to be certain.


6. Get creative with images

In 2014 that there was a noticeable rise in the success of email marketing communications carrying mostly image based messaging.

There has always been a question as to what works best, mostly text vs mostly images? The truth is the answer probably lies somewhere in the middle, but only with testing are you sure.


Now let us help you get started!

If you are looking to get started with email marketing for the first time, or looking to re-charge your communications we would love to help you in 2015.

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